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Furr Racing


When you build a race car, you find the very best parts available to create the most competitive hot rod you possibly can. In today’s world, competition is at its best. The transmission is the center of it all, and the parts and pieces inside are a complicated system which creates an extreme amount of friction and heat. It can literally make or break any racer on any given round.
Quality, endurance, consistency and performance are what you will get when you use parts built by Alto. For over 20 years, Red Eagle has provided the highest quality parts for high performance applications, and they are made right here in the USA.
We could not be more proud to use Alto Red Eagle High Performance parts to build our transmissions. They continually design and test parts to provide the highest quality product to their customers. Customer satisfaction is above all else. The integrity of each part shows in the quality product they provide and allows us to be competitive every pass down the track. When we make it to the winner’s circle, we represent every single person at Alto who not only builds product, but makes it the best it can possibly be and for that we are thankful.


We share our success with you,
Michelle, Rick, Madi & Adiayn Furr


A&A Transmission

R&D of the torque Flight has breathed new life, durability and strength into this transmission, thanks to Red Eagle® clutches and Kolene® steels.

Rick Allison -World's Fastest Torque Flight

Dynamic Racing Transmissions

For over a decade, Dymanic Racing has used Alto specialized racing applications.
Red Eagle® clutches and Kolene® steels are key elements in our high horsepower Pro-Tree II Guide.
Harold Miller

Hughes Performance

With the advanced horsepower in racing, there is the need for a superior transmission. That's why i use and recommend Red Eagle® clutches and Kolene® steels.

Jim Hughes -Super Comp NW National Champ



North American Diesel Performance

For many years we have had great success using Alto Clutches in all our Heavy Duty Heavy Hauler Transmissions. Thank you for your Support.

Barry Volner &  Roger Lee



Performance Automatic Transmissions

For over 15 years we've been building the fastes C-4 transmission in the country. Our customers demand the best clutch plates money can buy and the Red Eagle® clutches have withstood all the punishment.

Tom Cyr



Suncoast Converter

We have used thousands of Alto plates over the last 10 years with zero issues. Some applications are subject to loads of excess of 1600 ft. lbs of torque, incredibly higher than the original design. Thanks for a great product.

Ron Wolverton




For 20 years we have used Red Eagle® clutches in HP/HD Transmissions. This is more important than ever with power levels going up every year. We distribute Red Eagle® clutches, Bands, and Shafts worldwide.

Don Kennedy



Transmission Specialties

We use Alto in the assembly of all Hi-Performance transmissions we manufacture. Red Eagle® clutches and Kolene® steels have the durability and consistency necessary to withstand tough demands expected of a quality Hi-performance transmission.

Peter Miller



TSR Racing Products

For the utmost in performance and reliability we install Red Eagle® clutches and Kolene® steels in every unit.

Carl Munroe -National SuperRod Runner-Up