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Alto # 232940 GM 9T50 Hydra-Matic Filter (Repl. OEM # 24289324)

Alto # 195 Series New Snap Rings GM 6L80E, 6L90E. 1-2-3-4 Clutch & 4-5-6 Clutch

Alto # 231625B - Ford 10R80, GM 10L80, 10L90, Bushing Kit

Alto # A50005, 006, 017 - Honda Solenoid Rubber Gaskets - 4 Speed & 5 Speed Transmissions

Alto # 231753 Ford 10R80 Steel Clutch Module

Alto # 083200 - Toyota A440, A442, AW450-43 Pump Body Bushing

Alto # 195251-125 - GM 6L80E, 6L90E 1-2-3-4 Snap Ring

Alto # 197670A Piston Kit for AWF8F35, GA8F22AW, 8F45, U880E and AF50 Transmissions

Alto # 174835 Nissan RE5R05A Torque Converter Ring and Seal Kit

Alto # 228753A Subaru TR580 CVT Steel Module

Alto # 228753 Subaru TR690 CVT Steel Module

Alto # 163942 U151E Filter for Toyota Windom, Lexus ES300-330

Alto # 195701-196 GM 6L80E 1-2-3-4 Selective Steel Clutch

Alto # 141718A, 141719A, & 141719A180 Mercedes 722.9 & 725.0 Torque Converter Clutches

Alto # 228944 Subaru TR580 Gen2 Filter 13-15

Alto # 199942A Toyota U760E-F, U761E-F Filter 2015-On

213 Series Torque Converter Friction Clutches for A6LF1-2-3 & A5HF1 Transmissions

Alto # 232625B GM 9T50 Hydra-Matic Bushing Kit

Alto # 181625 Updated Bushing Kit for RE0F10D, JF016E, RE0F10E, JF017E transmissions

Alto # 128752C & 128753C, Chrysler 66RFE Friction & Steel Modules (14 -On)

195 Series GM 6L80E, 6L90E Diaphragm Springs

Alto # 186940A - Cartridge Filter for mutiple Toyota K Series CVT’s Now Available

Alto # 207940A - AA80E, TL-80SN, Filter (Cadillac CTS 14-On)

Alto # 231752 - Ford 10R80, GM 10L80-90 Friction Module Now Available!

Alto # 181752D 181753D-Nissan RE0F11A, Jatco JF015E Friction Steel Modules

Alto # 202752B and 202753B CHRYS AS69RC 13+

Alto # 173200 Toyota A650, A750, A760, A761 Pump Bushing

New Solenoid Kits Available for GM 6T40/45 (Gen1 & 2)

Alto # 039940A Mazda RC4AEL, Isuzu JR405E Filter Now Available

Alto # A50005 A50006 Honda 4 Speed(3 Shaft), 5 Speed, Solenoid Gaskets (28220-P0Z-003, 28251-P7W-003)

Alto # 204575 GM 6T40, 6T45, Gen 2 Transmission Control Module.pdf

Updated Friction & Steel Modules for Toyota A750E-F Transmission

Alto # MIF2 & MIF3 Magnetic Inline Filters.pdf

Alto # 181503 Step Motor for JF009E (RE0F08A-B), JF010E (RE0F09A-B) Transmissions.pdf

Alto # 146802A &146802B; Overhaul kits for Honda Acura 6 Speed 11 On.pdf

New Solenoids, Switches, Sensors Now Available for 4L80-85E, 4L60E, 4T65E, A604, 4T40-45E 1.pdf

Alto # 057320NA Reaction Sun Shell for GM TH700R4, 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70.pdf

Alto # 126720A 126721A, NV146 (Jeep SRT-8 6.1L V8) Transfer Case Friction Steel .pdf

Alto # 146752A 146753A, Honda PV1A, PSFA, PN3A PN4A, Friction Steel_Modules.pdf

Alto # 177752D 177753D, Honda B5RA, M5LA, B5SA, Friction Steel Modules now available.pdf

Alto # 073946B Toyota A340F, A341E Hyundai AW30-43LE Filter Now Available.pdf

Alto # 181941A Nissan RE0F08A-B CVT, Jatco JF009E CVT, Cartridge Filter.pdf

Alto # 128752B, 128753B, Chrysler 66RFE, Friction Steel Modules (2012-13).pdf

Alto 128 Series Chrysler 45RFE, 545RFE, 65RFE, 68RFE, Stage 1, 2, 3 Powerpacks®.pdf

Alto # 229940 BMW, Getrag, 7DCI600 (GS7D36SG) 7DCI700 (GS7D36BG) Filter Now Available.pdf

New Solenoid Kits Available for 6T40, 45, 6F35, 6R60/75/80 transmissions.pdf

Alto # 191942 Nissan, Jatco, JF414E(RE4F03C), Filter (Repl. 31728-3MX0A) .pdf

Alto # 135942 Nissan JR507E, Subaru 5EAT, Filter.pdf

Alto # 204940A GM 6T40, 6T45-2nd Generation Filter (Repl. 24268086).pdf

Alto # 186752A, B, 186753B, Toyota K310, K311, K312, K313 CVT Friction Steel Modules.pdf

Alto # 079753F DSI M11 Steel Clutch Module Now Available.pdf

New Solenoids, Switches, Sensors Now Available for 4L80-85E, 4L60E, 4T65E, 604, 4T40-45E.pdf

Alto # 224752 & 224753 GM 8L90E Friction & Steel Modules.pdf

Alto # 181502 Nissan RE0F10A(JF011E) CVT Shift Solenoid Step Motor.pdf

Alto # 112301A Ford CD4E, Mazda LA4AEL Forward Sprag.pdf

Alto # 177940 Honda, Acura 5 Speed (OEM 25420-RXH-003).pdf

Alto # 228942 Subaru TR690 CVT, TR580 CVT,Cartridge Filter (OEM 31835-AA030).pdf

Alto # 183944A Ford 6R80 Filter (New 15 On).pdf

Alto # 204320U GM 6T40, 6T45 Low-Reverse Sprag.pdf

Alto # 204357U GM 6T40, 6T45 Oil Pan.pdf

Alto # 223001 Chrysler 948TE Bonded Valve Body Plate.pdf

Alto # 126720A & 126721A, NV146 Transfer Case Friction & Steel.pdf

Alto # 181 Series Nissan RE0F10D, Jatco JF016E Friction & Steel Modules.pdf

Alto # 079753F DSI M11 Steel Clutch Module.pdf

Alto # 214940A Hyundai, Kia A6GF1, A6GF2 Filter.pdf

Alto # 224753 GM 8L90E Steel Module Now Available

Alto # 204356U & XU - GM 6T40, 6T45 Center Support Piston Housings.pdf

Alto 197 Series AWF8F35-45, TG-81SC, GA8F22AW, U880E, AF50-8 Now Available.pdf

Friction & Steel Modules now available for AWF8F35-45, TG-81SC, GA8F22AW, U880E, AF50-8.pdf

Bonded Valve Body Plates now available for multiple Ford and ZF transmissions.pdf

Alto # 123753C Hyundai, Kia, A5GF1 Updated Steel Module

Alto # 195250 GM 6L80E, 6L90E 4-5-6 Clutch Snap Ring

Alto # 189734-157 & 189735-120, 722.9 Transfer Case Clutches.pdf

Alto # 195200T GM 6L50E, 6L80E, 6L90E Bell Housing Bushing.pdf

Alto # 181200A JF011E, RE0F10A CVT Pump Body-Converter Hub Bushing.pdf

Alto 222 Series TR80-SD-OC8 Torque Converter Clutches Now Available.pdf

Alto # 079670 DSI M11 Updated Piston Kit with Servo.pdf

Alto # 224752 GM 8L90E Friction Module.pdf

Alto # 181625 Bushing Kit for RE0F10D, JF016E, RE0F10E, JF017E transmissions.pdf

Alto # 225200 Mazda FW6A-EL Pump Bushing.pdf

Alto # 228940 Subaru TR690 CVT Filter.pdf

Alto # 215944 ZF8HP45, VW AL450, 0CM, (VW_Amarok) Filter.pdf

High Performance / OEI (Original Equipment Improvement)

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